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A transcript of "ABC Signs", an episode of "Signing Time!".


(Song: Signing Time! Theme plays.)

Child: ABC's.

Child: A is for Alex.

Alex: That's me.

Child: And alligator.

Alex: Whoa!

Rachel: A. Make a fist, but keep your thumb on the side, and that kinda looks like a lowercase a.

Child: A. Apples.

Child: A.

Child: B is for best friends.

Umpire: Play ball!

Crowd: (cheering and applauding.)

Child: And baseball.

Rachel: B. Put your palm out, tuck your thumb in. B.

Child: B. Bubbles.

Child: Sign B.

Child: B.

Child: C is for caterpillar.

Rachel: C. Curve your hand so it looks like a C.

Child: C. Cars. Vroom!

Child: Make a C.

Child: D is for diaper and dance. (giggles, even though the baby is giggling)

Rachel: D. Put your pointer up. Looks like a little d, doesn't it? D.

Child: D is for dog. Doggy. Woof!

Child: D.

Child: Ready? Go!

Alex and Leah: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

Crowd: (cheering and applauding.)

Child: Wow!

Child: E is for elevator.

Child: Bye, Leah.

Rachel: E. Curl up all your fingers really tight, and that's an E.

Child: E.

Child: E.

Child: Good E.

Child: F is for funny and fright.

Alex: Boo!

Leah: Aaaah!

Rachel: F. Your thumb and your pointer touch, and the rest stand straight up. F.

Child: F is for feet. Feet, feet, feet.

Child: F.

Child: G is for good morning and good night.

Rachel: G. Looks like you're gonna squish something. It's G.

Child: G. G is for grass.

Child: That's a G.

Child: G.

(Song: A to G plays.)

Child: H is for Hopkins and helicopter.

Rachel: H. Two fingers pointing out. H.

Child: H. H is for hat.

Child: H.

Child: H.

Child: I is for ice.

Alex: Ice.

Rachel: I. Just point your pinky up, like the little letter i.

Child: I is for ice cream.

Child: It's a little i.

Child: I.

Child: J is for juice.

Rachel: J. Put your pinky up, and then draw a J. J.

Child: J. Jump.

Child: Scoop it like a J.

Child: J.

Child: K is for king and kiss.

Rachel: K. Put your two fingers up, and your thumb in between for a K.

Child: K. K is for kick.

Child: K.

Child: That's a K.

(Song: H to K plays.)

Child: L is for Leah.

Rachel: L. Just like the letter L.

Child: L. Lights.

Child: L. (giggles.)

Child: L.

Child: M is for mouse. Mmm.

Rachel: M. Put three fingers over your thumb. M.

Child: M is for monkey.

Child: M.

Child: M.

Child: N is for nice and never.

Rachel: N. Two fingers over your thumb. N.

Child: Newspaper. N.

Child: Just like this.

Child: O is for owls out at night.

Rachel: O. It looks just like an O. O.

Child: O is for organ.

Child: O.

Child: Just make an O.

Child: O.

(Song: LMNO plays.)

Child: P is for picnic and peanut butter.

Rachel: P. It's just like K, but it tipped over. That's P.

Child: P is for pink pig. (giggles.)

Child: P.

Child: Sign P.

Child: Q is for quiet.

Rachel: Q. Your pointer and your thumb point down. Q.

Child: Quilt. Q.

Child: It's like a G upside down.

Child: Q.

Child: R is for ready and run.

Rachel: R. Cross your fingers, and that's R.

Child: R. Run. Run.

Child: Nice R.

Child: R.

Child: S is for sit and swim.

Rachel: S. Make a fist, but this time, put that thumb in front. S.

Child: S is for sleep. Shhh!

Child: S.

Child: (giggles.)

Child: Sign S.

Child: T is for tree and tired.

Rachel: T. Put your first finger over your thumb. T.

Child: T. Turtles.

Child: T.

Child: Nice T.

Child: U is for under and umbrella.

Rachel: U. Two fingers up, and keep them together. U.

Child: U is for unicycle.

Child: It's just two fingers.

Child: U.

Child: V is for vacation.

Rachel: V. Two fingers up, but they're apart. And that's a V.

Child: V. Van.

Child: V.

Child: V.

Child: W is for work.

Alex and Leah: Work, work, work, work, work.

Rachel: W. Three fingers up, and they look like a W.

Child: W is for water.

Child: W.

Child: It looks like a W.

(Song: P to W plays.)

Child: X is for x-ray. (giggles.)

Rachel: X. It's your thumb and your pointer and you squeeze them in. X.

Child: X.

Child: The letter X.

Child: Y is for yo-yo.

Rachel: Y. Your thumb and your pinky. Y.

Child: Y. Yellow yarn.

Child: Y.

Child: Y.

Child: Y.

Child: Z is for zipper.

Rachel: Z. Take your pointer and draw a Z. Z.

Child: Zipper. Z.

Child: Looks like a Z.

(Song: A is for Alex and Alligator plays.)

Child: Goodbye, Hopkins. The End.

Rachel: That was so much fun. You just learned all of your ABC's. I'm so proud of you! And did you know that in sign language, we count a little bit differently? I'm gonna show you. You ready? Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! We love signing with you, and we can't wait to see you again.

(Song: Lonely Letter X plays.)

Child: Come visit us at

Rachel: Hi. I'm Rachel Coleman. When my sister, Emilie, and I began creating "Signing Time!", we wanted to share the language of my daughter, Leah, who is deaf, with our family and friends, and to make a fun way for all families to communicate with their infants. Since then, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the first 6 volumes of "Signing Time!". Families and professionals everywhere has seen first hand the benefits of signing with all children. We're thrilled to know that so many families and educators are using "Signing Time!" to teach sign language, not only to infants and toddlers, but to preschool and school aged children as well. Children who've already developed speech are learning ASL as a hands-on second language. The multisensory approach, visual, auditory, tactile of "Signing Time!" reaches all ages and diverse learning styles and abilities. Children with special needs, such as speech delays, autism, down syndrome and other challenges may have difficulty with speech. "Signing Time!" has been instrumental and making the miracle of two way communication possible for many of these children, while at the same time, making sign language so much fun. There are lots of ways to use "Signing Time!" at home, or in the classroom. For some fun ideas, and to download your "Signing Time! Success Guide", visit Make sure to register on our site to receive notice of new products, events, and special offers. And while you're there, we would love to hear about your family's experience with "Signing Time!". From all of your friends at Two Little Hands Productions, thank you for signing with us.

[Alex and Leah are bowing as Rachel says the final lines. Fade to black.]

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