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My First Signs
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Airdate May 1, 2002
Season 1
Episode 1
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My First Signs is a Signing Time! episode from season one. It aired on PBS Kids in the United States on May 1, 2002. It was the first episode of the first season aired in the United States.



Three-year-old Alex and his four-year-old cousin Leah, who is deaf, along with host Rachel Coleman (Leah's mom), teach beginning American Sign Language (ASL) signs. Includes Spanish Play Option.


Note: This is based on the album's track list.

  1. Signing Time! Theme
  2. Show Me A Sign


Intro - Rachel welcomes Alex, Leah, and the viewers to sing and sign with us.

Rachel signs the words eat, milk, water, ball, more, bird, cat, dog, fish, car, airplane, want, shoes, flower, mom, dad, baby, and sleep in American Sign Language.

End - Leah waves goodbye to the viewers and the episode ends.

Sign Review

  1. Eat
  2. Milk
  3. Water
  4. Ball
  5. More
  6. Bird
  7. Cat
  8. Dog
  9. Fish
  10. Car
  11. Airplane
  12. Want
  13. Shoes
  14. Flower
  15. Mom
  16. Dad
  17. Baby
  18. Sleep



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