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This template is used for references for "episodes" only.

Primary Usage

{{Series|0}} produces "Signing Time!"

Season 1

{{Series|1.00}} produces "Pilot"
{{Series|1.01}} produces "My First Signs"
{{Series|1.02}} produces "Playtime Signs"
{{Series|1.03}} produces "Everyday Signs"
{{Series|1.04}} produces "Family, Feelings, and Fun"
{{Series|1.05}} produces "ABC Signs"
{{Series|1.06}} produces "My Favorite Things"
{{Series|1.07}} produces "Leah's Farm"
{{Series|1.08}} produces "The Great Outdoors"
{{Series|1.09}} produces "Zoo Train"
{{Series|1.10}} produces "My Day"
{{Series|1.11}} produces "My Neighborhood"
{{Series|1.12}} produces "Time to Eat"
{{Series|1.13}} produces "Welcome to School"

Season 2

{{Series|2.01}} produces "Nice to Meet You"
{{Series|2.02}} produces "Happy Birthday to You"
{{Series|2.03}} produces "Move and Groove"
{{Series|2.04}} produces "My Favorite Season"
{{Series|2.05}} produces "Going Outside"
{{Series|2.06}} produces "Days of the Week"
{{Series|2.07}} produces "My Favorite Sport"
{{Series|2.08}} produces "My House"
{{Series|2.09}} produces "My Things"
{{Series|2.10}} produces "Helping Out Around the House"
{{Series|2.11}} produces "Once Upon a Time"
{{Series|2.12}} produces "Box of Crayons"
{{Series|2.13}} produces "Who Has The Frog?"

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